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Since 2006, ICI has successfully completed more than 30 new construction, expansion and renovation projects at Wal-Mart sites across the United States. From Oregon to Missouri to Wisconsin, ICI has continually met and exceeded the expectations associated with this client’s rigorous construction program. As a result, our Wal-Mart construction volume totals more than $250 million.

ICI is well-versed in their stringent processes and tight scheduling. One of the initiatives that Wal-Mart insists upon for each of its projects is mandatory SWPPP Certification for all Field Superintendents. The SWPPP Certification guarantees environmental compliance with the EPA and also incorporates procedures for air quality control. Currently, ICI employs more than 15 SWPPP Certified Team Members as well as an individual who is a Certified Preparer of SWPPP.

Please see below for several examples of ICI’s success with the expansions and renovations of Wal-Mart Stores.

Bolingbrook, Illinois

ICI was hired to complete a three-wall 42,677 SF expansion and renovation of an existing store in Bolingbrook, Illinois. The new total square footage of the building became 156,763 SF. The addition to the store houses new sales areas and stockrooms and the existing sales area was converted to a new grocery area. Additionally, work included new roofing, roof top units, air handlers, electrical rooms and offices. New tile and painting throughout the store was also a significant portion of the project scope.

This highly complex project required close coordination with the store managers because the store remained opened during construction. The project was completed on time and without incident.

Crestwood, Illinois

The renovation and expansion of this 150,000 SF retail store in Crestwood was completed in ten phases of construction. Successful completion required heavy coordination with operations staff and strict scheduling and safety considerations to accommodate customers while the store maintained operations. ICI made temporary modifications including construction of dust walls, creating an alternate entrance, moving the vision center to a double-wide trailer during construction, and creating an interim customer service area.

The site work was also phased to accommodate pedestrians and traffic patterns and included new grease traps, sanitary service, electrical service, independent bale and pallet storage and a water service relocation.

The primary purpose of the renovation was to incorporate a larger grocery area into the existing footprint while deleting the existing automotive center. Grocery provisions include a new compressor house along with new walk- in coolers, freezers and refrigerated cases. Refrigeration, electrical, and EMS lines are fed underground through refrigeration pits buried in exposed integrally colored concrete slabs. The refrigeration equipment requires an additional electrical distribution center fed from a new main switchboard.

Elk Grove Village, Illinois

ICI completed a 146,000 SF addition to add a new grocery area for this Wal- Mart. The project was completed in seven phases and included renovation of the existing 200,000 SF store to construct a new Pharmacy, Dunkin Donuts and Vision Center. Interior finishes included new VCT, ceiling tile and painting throughout the store. A mill and overlay of the existing parking lot will also be completed.


Level Two Renovations

For smaller renovation projects, the scope is standardized and they are referred to as “Level Two” Renovations. Level 2 Renovations typically include the remodel of areas like the pharmacy, customer service, service centers, training areas, TLE, tire/battery storage, garden center, rest rooms, photo lab, offices, grocery and vision centers. The majority of the work takes place at night as not to interrupt the ongoing operation of the store.

Many projects take place at 24-hour operational stores that require additional temporary protection and site safety practices to protect customers. These projects are completed within tight 9 – 10 week schedules and Wal-Mart requires the projects be completely closed out, including change orders and closeout documents, within thirty days of completion of the work.

Successfully completing these projects on-time requires a 100% “complete as you go” mentality to turn over each area within the allotted time frame.


Renovation and Expansion Locations:

Ames, Iowa

Benton Harbor, Michigan

Bolingbrook, Illinois

Bridgeview, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois (Back of the Yards)

Clearwater, Florida

Crawfordsville, Indiana

Crestwood, Illinois

Des Plaines, Illinois

Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Hodgkins, Illinois

Indianapolis, Indiana

Inverness, Florida

Joliet, Illinois

Niles, Illinois

Northlake, Illinois

Ottumwa, Iowa

Paris, Illinois

Rockton, Illinois

Saint Joseph, Indiana

Scottsburg, Indiana

Shelton, Washington

Washington, Illinois

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Woodburn, Oregon

Woodridge, Illinois


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